Winter Snow and Trail Conditions

The daily trail report details the snow conditions and number of trails open. It’s updated each morning. Be sure to bookmark it.

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Current Weather

Collingwood Monthly Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Average High Average Low
January -5.2˚ -1.3˚ -9.1˚
February -2.3˚ 1.5˚ -6.0˚
March 0.6˚ 4.4˚ 10˚
April 6.0˚ 10˚ 1.8˚
May 13˚ 17.8˚ 8.1˚
June 18.2˚ 23.1˚ 13.3˚
July 20.5˚ 24.9˚ 16.1˚
August 19.7˚ 24˚ 15.4˚
September 16.7˚ 21.1˚ 12.3˚
October 10.1˚ 14.0˚ 6.1˚
November 4.6˚ 7.6˚ 1.6˚
December -1.7˚ 1.6˚



Green Season Weather (May – October)

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures operate rain or shine. The Caves/Caverns are very rarely cancelled due to bad weather. If there is very heavy rain and lightning, the trails may be closed for a short period until the weather subsides.

The Thunderbird Twin Zip Lines and Eco Adventure Tour run in most weather conditions.  In the case of high winds, thunderstorms or heavy cold rain, the zip lines may be closed temporarily.

Please be prepared and bring along a raincoat, poncho and seasonal clothing.

Hiking/running shoes are mandatory for park admission during green season.

If you are concerned about the weather, call ahead to check availability of activities: (705) 446-0256.

Fall Season (September-October)

Wondering what the status is of changing leaf colours?
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