Company Information

Our Company Mission

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures provides a safe and unique recreational experience
for people of all ages.


Through qualified, interested and dedicated staff, we make every effort to exceed our visitors’ expectations. Our privately owned company is committed to preserving the natural, environmental, and historical significance of an important site on the Niagara Escarpment.

At Scenic Caves Nature Adventures, we offer our visitors a unique opportunity to experience our natural wonders through education, environment and leisure.


School Groups exploring - Scenic Caves Nature Adventures - CollingwoodDuring the spring and summer months, visitors can learn about historical significance of the caves and how they provided a natural shelter for the Hurons. And throughout the whole year, the scenic views of Georgian Bay make it evident why this area was a perfect place for settlers to set up waterway trade routes from its harbour. As you ski or snowshoe throughout the forest trails, visitors can also observe the flora, wildlife of this region.

For young students in grades four to eight , Scenic Caves Nature Adventures has developed a Science Curriculum which includes background information and lesson plans that will further enhance field trips to our attraction, both prior to and following their visit.


Eco Tour Adventure - Caves and Caverns - Scenic Caves Nature Adventures - CollingwoodOne primary objectives of the company is to provide visitors with a true back to nature environmental experience. By preserving the natural beauty of the caves and surrounding land area, our guests can safely learn about their significance.

Any major additions that we plan are first approved by the Niagara Escarpment Commission. Our profits are utilized primarily to “beautify” our attraction and we do this by maintaining the picturesque grounds, and constantly upgrading the activities we offer. As well, we are striving to find new activities that will further enhance the environmental experience of our visitors.

Smoke Free Environment 

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is a smoke free environment. Smoking is permitted in designated areas.



Perhaps the most unique aspect of our company is how we use leisure to tie together its many other benefits. Scenic Caves allows our guests to climb to the top of the Niagara Escarpment so that they can view the surrounding land mass in a very safe way. Get lots of healthy exercise by climbing through the caves, walking, skiing or snowshoeing along the nature trail and the suspension bridge, and zipping through the treetops on cables. Our snack bar, rustic winter chalet, outdoor barbeque, picnic areas, playground, trout pond, and picturesque landscape allow visitors to relax and enjoy the area for a few hours or the whole day.


Community Outreach

ROMPAs a community service to social groups in the area, the company offers admission partnerships with groups like Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the Children's Aid Society.Scenic Caves Nature Adventures actively supports several local charities through monetary donations. We also donate many family day passes each year to area schools and groups to be used in silent auction type fundraisers.