Summer Camps and Daycare Field Trips

Summertime is outdoor fun time!

Nature, history, scenery and memorable adventures await all ages at the most varied natural playground in Ontario. Explore a self-guided trail of caves, caverns and crevasses carved millions of years ago by glacial ice and savour the breathtaking lookouts from the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment. Learn about the First Nations’ Huron Petun tribe as you discover the mysterious places and hidden natural fortress which sheltered the native people from their enemies. Venture over Southern Ontario’s longest 420ft. Suspension Footbridge which offers spectacular views of Georgian Bay and surrounding countryside. Hitch a ride on Rocky the train or the tractor wagon. Enjoy the Children’s Adventure Playground, pan for gemstones, play mini golf, feed fish at the trout pond.

Summer Camp Fun - Scenic Caves Nature Adventures - Collingwood

Summer Camp & Daycare Admission Options

  • Admission is available for full-day and half-day visits. We can help you design a program that meets your needs and budget.
  • You are responsible for supervision of your group.  Recommended ratio of adults to youth: 1 adult per 10 youth.
  • The attraction is open daily to the public. We welcome groups to join in to experience Canadian natural wonders through education, environment and leisure in a safe, recreational environment.
  • Affordable group rates are available for groups of 25 + more.  See group pricing details on the main group page.   
  • Parking is free.  The lot can accommodate a bus.
  • A Park map is available online:
  • Plenty of picnic tables are located throughout the property.  The snack bar sells a variety of hot/cold foods, beverages and snacks.

Suitable Ages for Summer Camps and Daycares

Generally recommended for ages 3 and older.

Summer Camps at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures - Blue Mountains

Trails require hiking up and down steep, narrow metal stairs (not all have handrails) in the caves and wide wooden/gravel/wooden ties flights of stairs. The terrain is natural: uneven along the rugged dirt forest trails and rocky/often slippery throughout the caves with boulders to climb and crevasses to squeeze through. Youth must be able to walk securely on their own.

Strollers are only permitted in the playground and picnic area. When the tractor-wagon is operating, strollers may be transported to the Suspension Bridge.

If you have older youth interested in learning more about the history & legends of the Petun tribe as well as the ecosystems and geology of the property, you may request a guide for an additional fee (schedule permitting).

Why is Scenic Caves Nature Adventures a unique destination?

Scenic Caves boasts prestigious designations by the Canadian Tourism Commission as both a Canadian and an Ontario “Signature Experience”. 

The natural trail of caves/caverns & crevasses is best described as a series of chambers, with sculptured cliffs, overhanging rocks, boulders, tight passageways and jig-saw puzzle fractures.

There are many historic stories and legends associated with this unique location. Long ago, it was inhabited by Paleo-Indian hunters, First Nation’s peoples, Champlain and the Jesuits.

In the 1600’s, The Village of Ekarenniondi located at Scenic Caves was home to the “Deer Tribe” of the Petun people.

Located at the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment, Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is situated in one of Canada’s sixteen internationally recognized UNESCO biosphere reserves. It is a natural landscape of rich biodiversity, home to hundreds of bird species, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, varieties of special interest flora, vital watersheds and 450-million year old geological history.

What will Youth Learn?

A visit to Scenic Caves is both educational and recreational. Youth love exploring the outdoors while learning about: nature, history, geology, weather, ecosystems.

Self-guided activities lend themselves to the curiosity and the pace of your group.

Educational materials are available free of charge.

Why will they Enjoy the Experience?

Psychologists say that outdoor activity has tremendous benefits for social, physical and emotional development of young people.

The activities appeal to a variety of ages and interests. A visit to Scenic Caves is a healthy, active experience – great for nature lovers, adventurers and explorers.

More Info?

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