Covid Self-Assessment

At Scenic Caves Nature Adventures, we have concentrated our efforts on preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) following the World Health Organization's COVID-19 outbreak guidelines.

The Provincial government implemented a Province-wide State of Emergency and Stay-At-Home Order until at least June 2nd, 2021.  Please be advised that Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is temporarily closed. 

We encourage everyone to continue following public health guidelines to protect yourself and those around you.  Please follow government guidelines regarding essential travel.

Scenic Caves is taking an additional safety precaution with a Covid screening app. All guests are required to complete a Covid Self-Assessment screening test for each and every visit on the day of their visit prior to entering the grounds.

A smartphone or tablet is required to access the self-assessment.

NOTE: It is recommended that this be completed on site, and is required prior to entering the cross country and snowshoe trails. QR codes will be available for you to scan on site and the form is very simple and fast to complete and submit.

Upon completion of the self-assessment, you will instantly receive a green “okay” confirmation. If done in advance it needs to be saved with a screen shot.

All pass holders and day guests entering must present a passing confirmation. Please be prepared to display this confirmation with the date to our snow host/greeter prior to gaining access to the trail system.

Scan this QR code to access the assessment


Unsure of how to use a QR code?
If completing from your computer please remember
  • complete the assessment the day you are coming to our facility.
  • take a photo of your completed assessment to show staff prior to entry.
Complete the Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment How To Complete the Form:

  1. Depending on the age of the device either:
    • New Devices: Open camera app and focus on the QR code above
    • Older Devices: Download and install a QR code app, open app and scan the above code
  1. Our Self-Assessment Form will appear on your device.
  2. Complete the form and submit.
  3. Show completed form (green checkmark with date of visit) to one of our staff members.
  4. We will have staff outside on-site available to assist those who may struggle with the technology. If you need assistance please ask one of our snow host/greeters.
Note: if you choose to complete the form from the comfort of vehicle, please take a screen shot of your completion screen to display to staff.